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Checkout your 6 days workout plan! Tool for Power building

Before starting your workout you should know, what benefits you want from your workout?

You might want to know, How bodybuilders enjoy life without painful joints, have big size and strength. Most of the bodybuilders follow the powerlifting and bodybuilding workout schedule known as Power building to gain size and increase strength.

Training your every muscle twice a week gives you a great physique than targeting each muscle on a single day.

Targeting two body parts each day increase your strength and muscle size. When you target a single body part it does not help you to gain muscle rather it causes muscle degradation.

A combination of low to high weights with 3-5 reps gives you more muscle pump and increases your strength. Muscle pump exercise helps to build muscle and core strength of the body.

Workouts like #ChestBiceps Flat Bench Press, Decline Bench Press, Machine fly or Incline dumbbell fly, Barbell Curl, Dumbbell curl and Hammer helps to increase strength and muscle size.

#LegShoulder Squats, Barbellsuats, dumbbell squats, Lunges, Leg curl & Extension, Shrugs, Cable raise, shoulder press helps to build core strength.

#BackTriceps Pull-ups, close-grip push-ups, Deadlifts, Dumbbell pullover, Overhead triceps extension, Pull down helps to make your back strong and gives shape to the body.

Take 1-2 minute rest between each workout.

Supplement your body with energy drink or #PreWorkout drinks for maximum muscle pump.

Go for powerlifting instead of lifting the same weights over period.

Give your body proper rest.

Take 7-8hrs of sleep.

Make your diet plan and follow it accordingly.

All the best!!

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