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Zeal to become Scientifically Result Oriented Brand 

Palestra Muscle Nutrition is the India’s 1st Nutritional Supplements provider who manufacture their each product after doing thorough Secondary Scientific Study of each ingredients added in their products.

Palestra MN is established in 2019 by Pharmaceutical Professionals along with Bodybuilders, Wrestlers and Athletes.

All products are scientifically manufactured after doing secondary research of each ingredients on different Scientific and Sports Journals, Articles, Clinical Trial Reports and after collecting Primary data from Bodybuilders, Wrestles, Athletes, Trainer and Dietician to know what body really want for getting better result without adding unnecessary supplements to the body.


Why to Select Us 

Proudly “Made in India” products better in quality than other International Brands at competitive price.

Our Vision


Provide good quality supplements and offer value added service to our customers at best price.


Our Mission


Create awareness about Indian products and prove that Indian Products are equal in quality as like other international supplements.    

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