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Bodybuilding Proteins (Veg/Non Veg) : Indian Protein Diet

When we think about a high protein diet, we always remember egg, chicken and other animal sources of proteins. But our house itself has high protein vegetables and fruits. If you forget to enter your home kitchen and went out to find other sources of proteins then you will be back with an empty hand or by emptying your pocket.

Whatever the goals you have in bodybuilding, fat loss or athletics they can't be achieved without proper protein diet.

Our body needs around 1gm protein/ kg body weight means if you are weighing 60kgs then your daily protein requirement is around 60gms.

Here we are helping you to find out good sources of proteins at your own house.

Protein Chart for Veg & Non Veg Diet

High Protein Vegetarian sources: Chickpeas, Kidney beans, Milk, Cottage Cheese, Lentils, Green Peas, Soybean, Broccoli, Green Yogurt, Pumpkin Seeds, Quinoa, Almond, Peanut, Spiruline

High Proteins Fruits: Avocado, Banana, Guava, Apricot, Oranges, Apple, Grapes, Dates, Fig, Kiwi, Chickoo, Pineapple

High Protein Non Veg Foods: Egg, Chicken, Chicken breast, Fish, Turkey

High Protein Supplements: Whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, soy protein, egg protein

Benefits of a high protein diet :

1. Burn fat and loss weight by reducing appetite

2. Helps to increase muscle strength and muscle mass

3. Helps to burn high calories

4. Lower blood pressure

5. Increase metabolism and fat burning

6. Increase workout stamina and recovery

7. Helps to build post-workout muscle

So, from next time don't forget to enter your kitchen after your workout !!

All the best !!

Palestra Muscle Nutrition

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