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Welcome To Palestra Muscle Nutrition

All products are scientifically manufactured after doing secondary research of every ingredient in Scientific and Sports Journals, Articles, Clinical Trial Reports, and after collecting Primary data from Bodybuilders, Wrestles, Athletes, Trainer, and Dietician to know what really body want for getting better result without adding unnecessary supplements to the body.

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Vikas Gore

For the past four years, Pre Palestra Pre Workout has been my choice. With optimal doses of Citrulline Malate (superior to L-Arginine) and a blend of other powerful ingredients, it is great for muscle pump, recovery, strength, and energy. Remarkably, I've experienced no side effects, making it my trusted companion in achieving peak performance


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Sandeep Yadav
Fitness Freak

Using Pre Palestra Pre Workout has been a phenomenal experience! It delivers a tremendous boost of energy and an incredible muscle pump, significantly enhancing my lifting strength. It's truly a wonder product that has become an essential part of my fitness routine

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Amar Sarudkar
MD Tej Group

"Pre Palestra Pre Workout has been instrumental in quickly getting me into shape. It provides an excellent energy boost, enabling me to lift weights with increased vigor. Moreover, it keeps my muscles pumped up, sustaining the effect even into the next day. A game-changer for my fitness journey!"

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