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Dominate your workouts with Pre-Palestra, the ultimate preworkout formula for athletes, bodybuilders, wrestlers, runners, and anyone seeking peak performance.

Supercharge your training with:

  • Optimal L-Citrulline  Blend: Experience extended workout duration, explosive muscle pumps, and reduced soreness thanks to a precisely balanced ratio of L-Citrulline and L-Citrulline DL Malate.
  • Enhanced Blood Flow: Citrulline Malate boosts Nitric Oxide (NO) production, leading to improved blood flow and those incredible muscle pumps you crave.
  • Potent Performance Boosters: Black Pepper Extract and Pomegranate Extract work synergistically for superior absorption, maximizing muscle pumps and accelerating recovery for those intense sessions.
  • Strength & Endurance Gains: Taurine supports muscle mass growth, strength gains, and enhanced endurance by minimizing exercise-induced muscle damage.
  • Break Through Barriers: Beta-Alanine combats muscle fatigue, allowing you to push harder for longer, maximizing weightlifting performance and overall workout quality.

Pre-Palestra is your key to unlocking peak performance. Experience the difference!

Additional benefits:

  • Available in Black Current Falvour
  • Easy-to-mix powder formula
  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility

Fuel your fitness journey with Pre-Palestra. Order yours today!

Pre Palestra Pre Workout Sample Pouch

₹500.00 Regular Price
₹350.00Sale Price
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  • Shake well and drink entire sachet in 150-200ml water 15-20min before workout.

    Do not exceed more that 1 serving in day